Forces of Nature

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Forces of Nature.”

Hi Friends,

This weeks Theme is Forces of Nature and I have a large collection on this topic.

First up are some Mountain Tops from Himalaya range.

DSC_1288 DSC_1448 DSC_1588 DSC_1560

The Second set of Images I have is from Western Ghats

DSC_2205 DSC_2220 DSC_2024 DSC_1250

The next set is of Falls

DSC_1875 DSC_1681 DSC_1182

Continuing in the Same Line, The next set is about different landscapes.

DSC_1621 DSC_1127

The Next set is about struggle of Life in extreme conditions


Next up are Mushrooms and Fungi


And Finally it is all about clouds

DSC_1099 DSC_2604 DSC_1124 DSC_2215

Thanks for Visit.


“Save the Nature, Save the Earth”


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